Detroit Half W2D2 

This was my attempt at a tempo run. I was going for more of the progressive pace increase, which I achieved and am happy about! I would have liked to stay at a quicker pace for a longer amount of time, but I cut it short because I was really feeling it. Frustrating, but I am new to speed work so I can’t expect huge things in the beginning. I just have to keep working at it and hopefully I’ll get better :)

What pace do you guys usually shoot for in tempo runs? (10k, 5k etc)

It rained on me again today! Here’s my crazy rain hair. I felt like a pretty big bad ass running in the rain though. It was enjoyable.

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!!

  1. runningonredbull said: Look at mile 3 & 4! Great job!
  2. ariavie said: My tempo run is usually about 10K pace.
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