Six simple rituals:

1. Drink a glass of water when you wake up. Your body loses water while you sleep, so you’re naturally dehydrated in the morning. A glass of water when you wake helps start your day fresh.

2. Define your top 3. Every morning ask yourself, “What are the top three most important tasks that I will complete today?” Prioritizes your day accordingly and don’t sleep until the Top 3 are complete.

3. The 50/10 Rule. Solo-task and do more faster by working in 50/10 increments. Use a timer to work for 50 minutes on only one important task with 10 minute breaks in between. Spend your 10 minutes getting away from your desk, going outside, calling friends, meditating, or grabbing a glass of water.

4. Move and sweat daily. Regular movement keeps us healthy and alert. It boosts energy and mood, and relieves stress.

5. Express gratitude. Gratitude fosters happiness. Each morning, think of at least five things you’re thankful for. In times of stress, pause and reflect on these things.

6. Reflect daily. Bring closure to your day through 10 minutes of reflection. Asks yourself, “What went well?” and “What needs improvement?”

(via losing-every-extra-pound)

These sound so lovely to me this morning. Need to remember these more often!

Anonymous asked:

Do you know what happened to Gabe? (Vegancupcakecommander)

I don’t know :( I’m assuming it has something to do with his decision to go through with surgery, so maybe being on here was too hard for him. But I’m not sure.

Gabe if you’re reading this, I care about you and hope things are okay!

Detroit Half Taper Week

3 easy (negative split!) miles with this cutie tonight! Our last training run together :)

I’m so proud of Scott for how hard he worked in this training. He really doesn’t care for running, but decided to do this half (basically) for me. And I appreciate it so much! It’s something that I love doing and the fact that he’s willing to do it with me even when he doesn’t like it melts my heart. He’s so sweet :)

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday!

elkay723 asked:

Totally random- I went to MSU and was also in AOII. I graduated in 2007, so I don't know that we crossed paths, but its a funny coincidence!

That’s so cool! I joined AOII in 2009, so we must have just missed each other. But that’s so awesome, such a small world! :)